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3 Things I’ve Learned This Week From John Gray’s White House Visit

I try to avoid heaping criticism on other human beings. Especially those in the public eye. It takes a degree of courage to put out content for public consumption, whether

Church in the Wild

Last week I was invited to a community event called the Sons of Former Slaves and Sons of Former Slave Owners. One of my 3 flaws is that I sometimes struggle

Our Sister

  25.07.2018   Corey Leak   diversity, equality, race, racism

Below is the video of one of us, a human being, who has just experienced a terrible tragedy. She’s Nia Wilson’s grieving sister. She and Nia were passengers on a

3 Stages of White Wokeness

  17.07.2018   Corey Leak   diversity, equality, race, racism

Let me acknowledge the elephant in the blog right away. I recognize that I’m a black man writing content to and about a group of people I don’t belong to

Imperial Myth 2 (Independence Day)

  5.07.2018   Corey Leak   diversity, equality

  A couple days ago on “Independence Day” I felt a tension that I didn’t anticipate. All my life I’ve participated in National holidays, and I especially love the ones

Why “Superfly” is the Movie We Wanted, But Not the Movie We Needed

  14.06.2018   admin   diversity, race

I NEVER do this. I hate when other people do this, but I’m going to do it. I’m going to give my opinion of a movie still in theaters. My

Equal Opportunity

  8.06.2018   admin   diversity, race

One of the oldest tricks in the book of parenting is to put cookies on the top shelf so that your small children can’t reach them. Cookies don’t wind up


  2.06.2018   admin   diversity

Earlier this week game one of the NBA finals gave us one of the most entertaining sporting events of the last decade. The game had everything! It had an all

Color Blindness

  17.05.2018   admin   diversity, race, racism

Last week in our dialog about resistance, the idea of color blindness came up in discussion. It was presented as a form of resistance to racism. We’ve all heard the


  11.05.2018   admin   christianity, diversity

There is a story of religious and political leaders that approached Jesus with the intent to throw him into a political conundrum. They asked him a question they thought would