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Color Blindness

  17.05.2018   admin   diversity, race, racism

Last week in our dialog about resistance, the idea of color blindness came up in discussion. It was presented as a form of resistance to racism. We’ve all heard the


  11.05.2018   admin   christianity, diversity

There is a story of religious and political leaders that approached Jesus with the intent to throw him into a political conundrum. They asked him a question they thought would


  3.05.2018   admin   diversity, equality, race

The Kanye West comments, Candace Owens co-signing, and the fall out from those comments created a bit of tension for me. I was left thinking about the idea of “free

A Problem to Solve | Part 5 | (Who’s Responsible?)

  28.03.2018   admin   church, diversity

This blog series has been written for leaders in faith-based organizations, and more specifically written for leaders in the Evangelical Christian world. I hope the series’ stories and ideas shared

A Problem to Solve | Part 4 | (Not Just a Black and White Issue)

  21.03.2018   admin   christianity, church, diversity

After writing Part One of this series, I got to hear the stories of women and people of color trying to find a fit in a church environment that they

A Problem to Solve | Part 3 | (Because I’m a Woman)

  14.03.2018   admin   church, diversity, equality, gender, women

Written by Stephanie Zibell “Pastors, the lack of women in executive level leadership positions in the church is incredibly concerning to me and it should be equally concerning to you.”

A Problem to Solve | Part 2 | (Limited Experiences)

  7.03.2018   admin   diversity, future, race

By the year 2044 America is projected to be a majority-minority country. That means Caucasians will no longer be the majority. If the projection proves true, and current church attendance

A Problem to Solve | Part 1 | (Space at the Table)

  27.02.2017   admin   church, diversity, equality, leadership

Years ago I learned that everything rises and falls on leadership. Whether it’s the law of the lid, or the idea of the leadership umbrella, the principle remains the same