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Our Sister

  25.07.2018   Corey Leak   diversity, equality, race, racism

Below is the video of one of us, a human being, who has just experienced a terrible tragedy. She’s Nia Wilson’s grieving sister. She and Nia were passengers on a

3 Stages of White Wokeness

  17.07.2018   Corey Leak   diversity, equality, race, racism

Let me acknowledge the elephant in the blog right away. I recognize that I’m a black man writing content to and about a group of people I don’t belong to

Victor’s Mentality

  23.05.2018   admin   racism

In the past couple of days I’ve had some serious shade thrown my way. I have been accused of race baiting, having an agenda, causing division, and dwelling on the

Color Blindness

  17.05.2018   admin   diversity, race, racism

Last week in our dialog about resistance, the idea of color blindness came up in discussion. It was presented as a form of resistance to racism. We’ve all heard the