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December 2019

A Prayer for the Holidays

A Prayer for the Holidays 318 159 Corey Leak

The Christmas season can be a mixed bag of cheer, sadness, joy, and anxiety. Some of us love this season, and some of us find it a depressing and lonely time of year. Whatever your relationship to this time of year, I wrote a prayer that I believe can help you find peace and center your soul during this holiday season.

Below is a prayer you can pray daily or when you feel you need it during the Christmas season. I hope you find it helpful.

God, I pray that you would help me experience your peace during this season.
In the midst of all of the noise and bustle of this time of year, keep my soul and mind at rest.
Help me to recognize that your presence is within me and all around me.
In everyone and everything I see, there are gentle reminders of your goodness and your undeserved love and grace.
Help me learn to accept gifts from you – your love, grace, and mercy. Help me understand that I was created to give and receive love freely – without merit and without discrimination.
Remind me this season again and again that Jesus came to us as a gift freely given. There was nothing we human beings could’ve done to earn the gift you gave us in Jesus.
Grant me the strength to love those around me as you have loved humankind. Show me how to grieve with those who mourn and celebrate with those who are rejoicing.
When I am tempted to settle into anxiety, stress, or loneliness, prompt me to breathe deeply as a reminder that life is your gift. With each inhale I receive the gift and with each exhale, I give that gift back.
May your presence fill all in all this season and fill the whole earth with your grace. Amen