Equal Opportunity

  8.06.2018   admin   diversity, race

One of the oldest tricks in the book of parenting is to put cookies on the top shelf so that your small children can’t reach them. Cookies don’t wind up


  2.06.2018   admin   diversity

Earlier this week game one of the NBA finals gave us one of the most entertaining sporting events of the last decade. The game had everything! It had an all

Victor’s Mentality

  23.05.2018   admin   racism

In the past couple of days I’ve had some serious shade thrown my way. I have been accused of race baiting, having an agenda, causing division, and dwelling on the

Color Blindness

  17.05.2018   admin   diversity, race, racism

Last week in our dialog about resistance, the idea of color blindness came up in discussion. It was presented as a form of resistance to racism. We’ve all heard the


  11.05.2018   admin   christianity, diversity

There is a story of religious and political leaders that approached Jesus with the intent to throw him into a political conundrum. They asked him a question they thought would


  3.05.2018   admin   diversity, equality, race

The Kanye West comments, Candace Owens co-signing, and the fall out from those comments created a bit of tension for me. I was left thinking about the idea of “free

Left to Right

  25.04.2018   admin   christianity, church

Last week I asked people on my FB page if they believed that the conversation about race was picking up steam in American religious circles. In the dialog that followed

Starbucks Musings

  18.04.2018   admin   christianity, starbucks

Today I’m on location. I’m writing from what has recently been a hot bed of controversy, and even though I just left the bathroom, I haven’t purchased anything. I’m at


  4.04.2018   admin   christianity, leadership, race

It’s been FIFTY YEARS since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King on that now infamous balcony in Memphis, TN. Speculation as to why he was murdered runs along a wide spectrum

A Problem to Solve | Part 5 | (Who’s Responsible?)

  28.03.2018   admin   church, diversity

This blog series has been written for leaders in faith-based organizations, and more specifically written for leaders in the Evangelical Christian world. I hope the series’ stories and ideas shared