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About Corey

About Corey

I'm a certified diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioner who has helped some of the leading companies in Silicon Valley and non-profits across the country create a greater sense of belonging in their work places. I'm also an award winning podcaster, speaker, writer, and creative. My content will make you laugh, inspire, challenge, and provoke you. I've had conversations about social change with the some of the leading thought leaders in the world. Frankly, I tend to be in your face, but I'm always on your side. I'm obsessed with my family, spirituality, and golf. And lastly, I'd like to walk side by side with you on our journey to creating a more inclusive world.
Let's contend for better together!

Let's work together to create greater belonging in your work, community, or family!

DEI Consulting

Corey has his Diversity & Inclusion Professional Certification from Cornell University.

Events & Speaking

Corey is a writer, artist, and communicator who speaks about social issues for businesses, schools & churches.

Existential Podcast

Existential is the podcast that reminds us we are human before we are anything else.

Patreon Community

Existential is not just a podcast but a community of people contending for a better world.

DEI Consulting

The work of change requires candor, authenticity, and willingness to dialog. We offer diversity, equity, and inclusion training in settings that make dialog natural and non-threatening. We understand that people need safe spaces to engage in necessary conversations for social change.

Patreon Community

This community is where we spend time going in-depth on a dialog about anti-racism, deconstruction, and spirituality. Sign up today and be part of this ever expanding community!

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    Let’s contend for a better world together – one conversation at a time.